Re-learning to type… again! (From Neo to Bone)

Summary After using an ergonomical keyboard layout for more than half a decade, I felt that I might try something new. My old layout (Neo) works great, but after learning of a newer variant (Bone), I wanted to try it out - and am fascinated by what the human brain is capable of doing. Article … Continue reading Re-learning to type… again! (From Neo to Bone)

Keyboards, layouts and ergonomics (pt. 2)

This is the second part of my article about ergonomic keyboards and keyboard layouts. In the first part I wrote about different characteristics of keyboards, touch-typing, typical injuries of people typing frequently and my first experience with an ergonomic keyboard: A curved keyboard from Microsoft. Better ergonomics Probably too late (I already suffered from pain … Continue reading Keyboards, layouts and ergonomics (pt. 2)