School, exams and… BSD!

Alright, January is already almost over, so there's not much use in wishing my readers a happy new year, right? I wanted to have this month's blog post out much earlier and in fact wanted to write about a completely different topic. But after January 27th it was pretty obvious for me what I'd have to … Continue reading School, exams and… BSD!

Linux desktop comparison (pt. 5): Exotic DEs

This is the final part of our desktop testing series. We'll deal with the rather exotic desktop environments in this entry. Most of them are built on top of some unusual toolkits. These are: OpenCDE (Motif) CDE (Motif) Equinox Desktop Environment 2 (FLTK) √Čtoil√© (GNUStep) Mezzo (?) For test criteria and the basic Arch system, … Continue reading Linux desktop comparison (pt. 5): Exotic DEs