Neunix: Eerie transitioning to Geminispace

Regarding my previous post some witty people may have figured that this was a joke: The last post before that one was the long delayed February one and I wrote that I simply couldn’t post the next one (as I cannot stand the new WP editor). That could make said previous post the April one. Maybe it was meant for April 1st?

No, it wasn’t. I’m serious with my experiment of giving it a try to continue writing BSD and IT material in general in Geminispace. The plan is to continue to announce new posts on this platform but to provide the actual content in the new place.

Making a new home

So what’s the status of this? Well, it’s ready! I’ve contacted one of the people behind Gemini and was given access to a server that would host my new Gemlog for now (thanks solderpunk!). A first version of my capsule (in Web-speech this would be “homepage”) is up and available. It currently looks like this:

Capsule of kraileth - my new home on Gemini
Capsule of kraileth – my new home in Geminispace

I got the nice color scheme for my browser from Samsai and generally recommend his introduction article to people who are interested in Gemini.

Took me a day or so to get used to the reduced markup that is called gemtext. But now it’s working out well for the most part. There are some downsides that I’ll probably write about sometime in the future, but in general it works and it’s simplicity makes up for quite a refreshing experience.

Eerielinux blog -> Neunix Gemlog

I’ve picked a new name for the reboot of my previous blogging project. What was the eerielinux blog before is now the Neunix Gemlog. A few things changed or will change, but in general it’s a continuation of what I did with Eerie: I’ll publish articles that I hope are useful or at least interesting to some people.

Focus will remain *BSD-related material but like before I’ll write about other things as they arise. Of course I have some ideas for article series as well. I’ve also picked some old posts from Eerie and converted them (work to transfer more is ongoing).

This is what it looks like right now:

The Neunix index page - continuation of the eerielinux blog in Geminispace
The Neunix index page – continuation of the eerielinux blog in Geminispace

How to access it?

All nice and pretty, but how to you access this thing? Well, Gemini is a protocol wildly different from HTTP and is not currently supported by any mainstream web browser. It is a superset of what HTTP does, though and Gemtext is a superset of what HTML does, so it’s very much possible to convert one to the other – at least in the direction of simpler to more complex! Proxies that make Gemini content accessible via the Web already exist.

So you have two options:

1) Get a real Gemini browser. There are multiple projects out there. I might write about this topic at a later point in time. For now I can only point you to doing a little research and find one that suits you. I use Castor and find it pretty nice.

Then point your Gemini client to: gemini://

2) Use a web proxy, e.g. this one.

What’s next?

I’ve already posted one new article on Neunix. In about a week or so when people had time to read this one, I’ll link to it directly with a new post on this platform.

And then? Well, we’ll see. The journey has begun and there’s vast, untamed land before me. The possibilities are next to endless. I’ll just pick one thing as the mood strikes me.

3 thoughts on “Neunix: Eerie transitioning to Geminispace

      1. Thanks for pointing out that the direct URL was missing! I added the link back in (looks like WP ate it with a previous edit and I didn’t pay attention).

        The location is likely to change again in the future when Neunix becomes self-hosted. But I did not want to rush that and would rather write posts about the various steps to get there. So I’m on for a while.

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