Eerie Linux and Musl libc

Happy Easter, everyone! Guess it's about time I admit that my previous post was just an april fools, right? It's been 20 days already after all! Well, there are reasons why I couldn't do it. Two actually, if you disregard obstacles due to real life! Keyboard issues The first one is that I'm currently trying … Continue reading Eerie Linux and Musl libc

Arch:E5 ditches eglibc and goes for musl libc!

Those of you who follow the development of Linux for embedded devices (or simply older hardware) will probably have noticed, that eglibc is effectively dead. According to their website "EGLIBC is no longer developed and such goals are now being addressed directly in GLIBC."! E5 and eglibc Arch:E5 was built to be a bit lighter … Continue reading Arch:E5 ditches eglibc and goes for musl libc!