New Year – taking a look back

Happy New Year everyone!

This is the first post in my second blogging year – and thus I’d like to take a look back again. I already did so after the first three months with post #15. So let’s see what happened in another three months! (Don’t worry, I won’t do this every quarter of the year! ;))

Visitors and statistical peaks

On from December 3rd WordPress is no longer counting just page views but unique visitors as well. This is of course a great new feature (which I admit to have missed the whole time). But since it’s not been available for too long, I won’t write about any details in this post.

Current weekly statistics

The number of visitors has increased a lot: In late September my page hits had just reached 250 – now the blog has been visited well over a thousand times! The days without any visitor had also vanished and I had hits every day for more than two month. The most impressive number of visitors was November 6th. I barely believed my eyes: On this ordinary Tuesday I got 40 (!) hits, all out of the sudden. Just as unexpectedly this new peak was already surpassed with 41 hits on November 15th!

Altogether November was by far my best month, yet: I just barely missed 300 hits in that one month (and thus more than I scored in my first three complete month together)! December hits were a little lower than those in November, but 235 is still better than October with 190.

Current monthly statistics


By now I’ve had hits from 66 countries of the world! I really like to see which countries my readers access the page from. The “white regions” are getting fewer and fewer over time. Here’s the map showing it:

World map of page hits by country

Top visiting countries are of course also a nice thing to know. Since post #15 the top 5 countries changed a bit: 1) Germany, 2) USA, 3) Switzerland, 4) Spain, 5) Russia.

And it’s 10 countries now from where EERIE has been visited more than 20 times – half of which make up for 50 times or more:

Top 10 viewing countries

Tags and Categories

I didn’t use tags and categories right from the beginning but somewhen in October (I think) I decided to finally add them to all posts (the old ones, too). So this is also an interesting reflector on what my visitors are interested in the most.

Top 10 viewing countries

I won’t comment on that as it speaks for itself.

Search engines, backlinks and such

Just as I expected, still most backlinks refer to one of the desktop testing entries. When it comes to search engines, EERIE was mostly discovered by Google (various localized variants) or Duckduckgo.

The most used search engine term (surprisingly for me) is: archiso local repo (8 times). A rather funny thing is that still people come to my blog because they do an image search for Windows 3.x’s Paintbrush of which I have a picture in one of my first posts (together 21 times)! Another funny term was running windows applications on dos. Yes, this can actually be done (with the HX extender) and I guess the search hit my blog because of the entry about XFDos! Other funny terms:

what is the lightweight desktop environment for linux?
best gui toolkit in linux
arch gnome 3 low disk space warning
lxde redmond
motif slim xfce
start button windows 3.11

Of course many more terms were actually referring to what EERIE is really about. Most people were searching for a comparison between the various desktop environments and their requirements (especially memory usage) or a comparison between the toolkits.

Past and future work

The first year is over and altogether I’d say that 2012 was a very productive first year for the blog. I learned the basics of WordPress and found a fitting distro for my tests (Arch). The desktop comparison series was written and the first preview version of the DesktopDemoDVD published.

The only thing I’m really still waiting for is… Comments. It seems like nobody wants to comment on anything. But at least I’ve already got more than 170 spam comments so I won’t get bored! 😉

While I can’t promise when I’ll be able to resume work on EERIE, I do promise that I will as soon as possible. I’m really curious how the various programs built on different toolkits do when compared to each other! I’ll start with some posts about Qt applications. Then GTK+, Motif and FLTK will follow. And once we have the most light-weight programs of every TK, we can move on to compare the best ones. But there’s a lot of work to do in the process! Stay tuned.

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