Winter solstice, Equinox and Hardware

Dear readers! Since you are reading this, the world has not ceased to exist. *g*

As you have probably noticed, things are a little slow right now… This is due to the fact that I had a hardware failure of my main PC. I didn’t lose any data, so it’s actually not too bad. However it struck me in not at the best time either. I’m going to move houses in late January and therefore I won’t have much time to work on EERIE in early 2013 (probably I won’t even have any internet connection for a while in February). Because of that I would have liked to make a few posts this December – but that obviously didn’t work.

This little post is just to keep you updated. I’ve neither grown tired of EERIE nor did I cancel the project. It will continue sooner or later!

In other news: It was Winter solstice yesterday, the longest night of the year is over. Quite fitting to that astrological theme, the first packages of the Equinox Desktop Environment (EDE) were released, too. This light-weight desktop is available for Arch Linux now without any compiling. Hopefully more distros get supported sooner or later!

And since ELDER (the upcoming experimental distribution) will be following a Nordic / Viking theme, too, here’s a burning sun wheel for you:

“Victory of the light!”

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