New team member!

A few days ago pheakuser decided to join the project.

He’s been into Linux for quite a while and has used a lot of different distributions over the years. Some time ago he was tinkering with Linux From Scratch until he run out of free time to continue it. But while he still does not really have too much time on his hands, pheakuser likes the idea of getting involved in building a new Linux distribution from close to scratch.

One of the things he is especially interested in is coming up with a good replacement of the default filesystem structure which he considers antiquated and a barrier for innovation.

To keep things short: Welcome aboard!

In other news: The blog now has a temporary header image. “Temporary” because I’m not really happy, yet, and hope that it will be replaced with a better one as soon as possible. But since my GIMP skills end right there with combining some free graphics (BTW: Thanks to everybody who creates free stuff!), this probably won’t come true unless somebody with higher skills volunteers for it. 😉

One thought on “New team member!

  1. Hello readers out there,

    I’m proud to welcome you, too! Kraileth has already described my preferences, but I think I’ll take another trip with you.

    This blog is about fresh ideas for operating systems. In my oppinion the primary goal of an operating system is to be stable. A user wants to actually USE a computer, not to reconfigure it all the time. This is also an important aspect of stability.

    Two things are very important for a stable system:
    1) Easy configuration – which doesn’t mean a graphical interface, or anything like that; it only means to follow the KISS principle (Keep it simple, stupid).
    2) To reach this goal, the old file system hierarchy of linux is unfit! (Like –> /usr/bin | /usr/local/bin | /opt – where are my binaries now?? That’s not reasonable!)

    Also a problem is rolling releases -> I know bugs can be corrected very fast this way… However: A new day, a new problem (or even lots of it) -> You have to reconfigure the system.

    No! I don’t want to reconfigure the system, if I want to write a document, or do another productive task!

    So: No (forced) rolling releases, new filesystem hierarchy!

    Let’s try to build a new system together.

    Have a nice day!

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