Welcome to “Eerie”!

Wow, a new blog! And it’s about Linux… How very original.
Yes, of course – there are thousands of blogs about similar topics. So why this one?

Well, probably because “Eerie” could be an interesting and informative project.

Alright, so what’s it all about?

It’s primarily about a little (?) experiment of mine. It could be interesting or at least entertaining – and might even rise to another level. But let’s stick to the present.

Short version:

I asked myself what the process of creating a new Linux distribution really was like. After reading a little about that topic on the net, I came to the simple conclusion: Try it out yourself and you’ll learn the most from it!

Long version:

There comes a time in the life of every man where he simply has to…
…admit that a little bit more knowledge about GNU/Linux would be helpful!

So he sets out on a long and adventurous journey, striving to learn and understand a complex and powerful system.

  • First he downloads and installs Ubuntu as a second OS. He explores everything and tries to get into it. He kind of likes what he sees and soon he’s busy searching for applications that are similar to the ones he is used to.
  • After a while he notices that he hasn’t booted windows in quite some time and that he might as well erase its partition. He formats it as EXT3, finally doing something useful with it and gaining some more disk space.
  • Next he downloads K/L/Xubuntu and gives the live-cds a try. After choosing the desktop that fits his taste best, he begins looking for software again.
  • (Almost) everything is nice and he can work well with his pc. But reading stuff on the net he regularly stumbles across things he just doesn’t understand. So he tries out Debian, SuSE and a few other distros known to be beginner-friendly. After all he wants to get an idea what that “distribution” thing is actually all about.
  • Not satisfied with the knowledge that he gained, he begins to learn the BASH, to read about the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard, etc. The impressive world of GNU/Linux begins to grow bigger and bigger before his eyes.
  • Content with his new skills only for a short time, he soon starts looking for something else. What about a distro for experienced users? Right, that’s it! Hm… Arch Linux or perhaps Gentoo? “Rolling release”, “stage-3 archive”, “source distribution”… No idea – but it sounds great, doesn’t it?!
  • Having compiled his first own kernel (with quite some settings wrong) he feels great and when his first Gentoo system booted up, he’s really proud for the rest of the day. Now he’s playing around with his new system every night until the early hours of morning.
  • Still not happy, he learns about the existence of Linux From Scratch. Now that must be the ultimate experience: building the entire LFS system completely by yourself and learning what each component is really supposed to do and how it works!
  • After having build LFS for the second time (this time only looking up stuff in the book when he got stuck) and taking a peek at BLFS, he wonders what to do next. Building LFS for a third time, entirely by heart? Trying out some super-insane hacks? Found his own distribution? Get some software to run on an architecture it wasn’t meant to work with?

Hey, wait a second! What’s wrong with creating a new distribution just for the sake of learning something by doing so? There’s a lot to learn in the process, that’s for sure! But honestly – how do you actually start a new distro? Hm. Well, I guess… No! That’ll be part of a later blog entry!

My goal

So my first goal of the “Eerie” project is to improve my Linux knowledge. And in the end I’d like to create a live-cd with an extremely light-weight but still nice desktop system. Nothing revolutionary? Probably not. But I think that I have quite a few rather original ideas. Stay tuned! Anyway I thought that I might well share my discoveries, my thoughts and failures with anybody interested.


I’m not at all a Linux expert and not even a coder, which will very likely lead to huge problems sooner or later… More about the prerequisites in another post. I’m just going to try it out anyway and perhaps somebody will lend me a hand when I get stuck? We’ll see.


So what you can expect here: A few thoughts about IT topics, a little about operating systems in general and a lot about my experiments with Linux. Well, and of course one more thing – as even the name of the project suggests, there’ll always be some tongue-in-cheek comments on various things!

What’s next?

I’d like to explain what “Eerie” stands for soon and describe the project a little bit more in detail.
The next entry will have the title: “First things first – how I came to Linux”.

Any feedback on my project or blog is very welcome!

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